About Us

Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Maduwike and WifeOn the 14th of July 2009, Ikeduru Anglican Diocese was inaugurated with The Rt.Revd. Emmanuel C. Maduwike enthroned as the pioneer bishop at St. Mathew’s Cathedral  Atta, Ikeduru LGA in Imo State. Bishop Maduwike inherited BCCC, St Christopher’s Hospital Atta and Dora Chinyere Nwankiti’s Girls Juniorate Inyishi among other landmarks of Ikeduru from the former Owerri Diocese. Most of these landmarks of Ikeduru were either underfunded or were overlooked.

The Rt. Revd. Emmanuel Maduwike from day one set out to restore these iconic images of the Diocese and return them to where they belong. His aim is to make sure BCCC meets her philosophy and objectives. With this in mind, Ven. Nwora Sam Nwigwe PhD, a prolific Theologian and an Academician was appointed the Rector of the Centre to help the Bishop fulfill the dream of returning BCCC to its former glory morally and institutionally.

BCCC was born out of the need for spiritual uplitfment for all. The centre is used for many purposes like leadership training for the Aglican Youth Fellowship (AYF), Anglican Children Ministry (ACM) teachers training, church teachers and workers training and workshop as well as priests and deacons confrences and trainings. The peace and joy derived from this lovely garden is second to none.  The centre is a place for making peace with God and mankind. The atmosphere within the centre offers one the opportunity of communicating with God.

The centre has a chapel cum conference hall, dining hall and kitchen, library with a wide range of reading materials – Theological books, Devotional, Novels, Magazines and reading rooms. A number of well equipped bungalows with adequate bathrooms and toilets which can accommodate up to one hundred persons are available for short stay holidays, personal and religious retreat, honeymoons as well as training and conferences. There is constant water supply and electricity through the national grid. The pretty compound is adorned with all season flowers and fruit trees and a good  tennis court as well as adequate facilities for in-door-games.

Sharing a common boundary with the centre are St. Christopher’s Hospital, owned by the  Diocese, with a resident doctor and nurses, and St. Paul’s Anglican Church Umuhu Atta, one of the magnificent and older Churches in the Diocese.