Due to the need for theologically trained Church workers, the centre is also being used as a Theological College, to meet the need of the Church. There are certificate and diploma programs and a post ordination program for graduate priest, to equip them for the needs of the Church in the 21st century.

The Institution has students for the certificate courses,  diploma and post ordination trainees. There are full time and part time lectures. The institution is strongly seeking  affiliation to a University to be able to be degree awarding institution. (Contact the rector, Ven Nwora Nwigwe for more information on the institution through the contact us link)

We therefore request you to register us on your mailing list as benefactor for your literature program which will go a long way to enhance the spread of the Gospel of Christ here on earth.

Philosophy And Objectives Of BCCC As An Institution

The fundamental philosophy of the center is concerned with man and his complex nature in relation to his creator and destiny. This really aims to compliment the emphasis of secular institutions that tend to major on science, commerce, politics and arts, and at the same time the Centre lays hold on the Christian claim of the sacerdotal fact of life itself.

There is therefore a conscious emphasis on moral and Christian living. Every nation, and more so Nigeria, needs a sense of direction in learning and morality. The role of the Center in this regard over the past years since its foundation cannot be over emphasized. The Center will not relent on her efforts until a desired just society; a heaven on earth is achieved.

The curriculum is therefore designed to balance both learning and morality, a meeting of the heart and mind, with a pastoral emphasis, and the Center offers a unique opportunity for this for the continued vision and mission of the Church in Nigeria for a better society.


1. To maintain and encourage the Church’s call to sacerdotal ministry by training men called by God to fulfill this through creating an environment for learning and holy living.

2. To train Church workers who can interpret, preach and teach the word of God and also shepherd intelligent congregations as well as other groups of people in the Church and community.

3. Nigeria is religiously and spiritually thirsty, and needs men well equipped academically, spiritually and morally to direct their aspiration and desires. The Center aims at this.

4. To promote the development of theological education particularly in Nigeria and Africa in general through joint programs with other Centers.

5. To provide theological education by extension through residential courses for part-time Church workers and others interested in theological education.

6. To provide courses of instruction leading to award of certificates, diplomas and degree qualified candidates through affiliation with recognized university.

7. To provide an ideal environment for retreats, conferences, seminars, workshops, promoting scholarship and research mainly on indigenous Christian theological issues.

8. To perform other functions expected of a Center of the highest standard, aimed at giving spiritual, moral, and social guidance to the people of Nigeria and Africa in general.