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The Rt Revd Emmanuel Maduwike
Bishop’s House, PO Box 5, Atta, Imo State, Nigeria
+234(0)803 704 4686
Ven. Nwora Nwigwe
Rector BCCC Atta, Imo State, Nigeria
+234(0)803 708 2250


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    Bishop Cockin church centre has been an ancient event / retreat centre for all and sundry especially to those of the Christian folks.
    This was the place I received my pre-ministerial retreat as a church teacher, under the Very Rev. G.E.I. Nwaneri, late Ven Uchehara, late Ven Davison Uchegbu, amongst others.
    We all in in one time or the other have been associated with this holy ground and I will not in a hurry forget that I did my Diaconate Ordination Retreat here . This ground remains a blessing to those who understood the serenity and sacredness of the same.
    May God bless as many who have contributed to the establishment till date.
    I will not forget to pray for the father of the Dioceses late BEN Nwankiti, aka the Old BEN. Now late , Most Rev Dr, B.C .NWANKITI. The father of the fathers of our Dioceses in the present Owerri Eccll. Province.
    Thanks also to his Lordship Rt Rev. C.C Okorocha (Ph.D) bishop of Owerri,
    and to you, Rt. Rev Emmanuel Maduwuike(The founding Episcopus of Trinicol, my predecessor ) for the good work so far.
    May I never forget to congratulate you , my vicar, in the then Oguta Parish under whom I served as a choral leader, my master and lecturer, the erudite scholar we respect, the man who nearly blew off our imaginations as he introduced us to the New Testament, my lord spiritual, Ven. Dr. Sam (dee Sam) Nwora Nwigwe… we bow and tremble sir. keep the good job. your boy is loyal.
    I pray that God may keep all of you and my Diocese-inlaw ( lol), and bring you to an enviable state.
    Rev Emmanuel Okoroafor. Lancaster University. UK

  2. Lt. Col (Rev) Ike Eweama PhD-Command Chaplain, United States Army Garrison, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin USA says:

    Congratulations to Bishop Maduwike and to one of the most illustrious sons of my native town Amaimo, The Ven. Rev Nwora-Nwigwe. I am proud to be your brother inlaw from Umuofor. De Nwora, you are doing what you do best-the education of young minds. What the Anglican diocese of Ikeduru has done is what other church communities should emulate. I did not know that a place like BCCC exists in Ikeduru until now. May the good Lord crown your efforts with measures pressed down and overflowing. Bravo!!!!!!!!

    • Beloved brother,

      Thanks for your comment, we sincerely appreciate you comment. As you can see Ikeduru is still a young diocese and we need the support of people like you. May the Almighty God continue to bless as you think of what you can do for us.
      We need a lot of things to furnish the centre and bring it up to the standard it should be, we need some games equipment like table tennis, lawn tennis etc. We will welcome you to visit the centre and see things for yourself.
      Thanks and God bless

  3. The Revd. Augustine Nwaekwe, Sint Andries- Belgium says:

    Am happy that this retreat centre is alive and striving! We used it once for Mbaise Diocesan clergy retreat that I attended. Good website, good history and good information. Keep it up… Good bless!

    • Thanks to God for people like you who have used the centre and benefited from the spiritual ground. Help us to keep it going, we will appreciate whatever you can do. Most of the buildings are old and needs to be renovated, we lack many facilities like mains of transport, recreational activities etc, we will keep on praying for you as you think of these problem s of the centre.
      God bless you in Jesus Name Amen

  4. Tabiri M. Chukunta says:

    Congratulations Ikeduru Diocese! Special thanks to our dynamic and dear Bishop, The Rt. Revd. E. C. Maduwike and to Venerable S. Nwora-Nwigwe, our resident theologian. We are thankful to God for those who have gone before us, whose sweat and tears watered the ground for the seed. May their faith continue to guide our feet with steady beat that we may never stray.

    The Revd. Dr. Tabiri M. Chukunta, NJ, USA

  5. Sir Emmanuel Ezeji says:

    I am very happy to know our young Diocese has a website where any son and daughter of Ikeduru can log in and find out what is going on with our home church. Bravo Rt . Rev Emmanuel Maduwike may your reign be long.

    Sir Emmanuel Ezeji – Houston Texas, USA

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