OSUOFIAOSUOFIA HOUSE which is a two bedroom bungalow was the first to be built after the clarions call. It was donated by Chief Green Mbadiwe (late) the “Osuofia 1 of Arondizuogu. He was a native of Ndiamazu-Uno in Arondizuogu, Ideato North LGA of Imo State Nigeria. When the Diocesan Board of the Diocese of Owerri saw the need for the development of the Spiritual life of the Parishioners, the Atta District Headquater’s Office was chosen and named after Bishop George Eyles Irwin Cockin, the first Bishop of the Diocese 1959-1968. The building which was much earlier donated is small but it is thought that the Diocese wanted it so. Osuafia 1 being a pacesetter planted this seed that gingered others to action.


OGBONNAOGBONNA HOUSE was built and donated by Dr. Aaron Nwogu Ogbonna (Medical) of St. Andrews Church Obizi in the Diocese of Mbaise. His was the second to be donated after Osuofia. Dr. Ogbonna (late) had already built a secondary School and a Hospital for his community and many others including the Archdeaconry House at Obizi.Dr. Aaron Nwogu Ogbonna was a Patriot and a great philanthropist of his time. His ‘mouth piece’ was his elegant wife known as “Nwanyi-ocha” a great motivator. Dr. Ogbonna was a one-time minister in the former Eastern Region of Nigeria. He was a great defender of the Christian Faith. He was born in 1922 and died in 1977.

OCHIRIOZUO: – Ochiriozuo House was donated by Chief Maxwell O. Kanu, now His Royal Highness, Eze M. O. Kanu (KSC) the Ochiriozuo 1 of Arondizuogu, also in Ideato North LGA, Imo State Nigeria. “Ochiriozuo” means “he cares for many at a time”. For instance, he at one time gave the entire Primary School Pupils in his community scholarship. He is a Patriot and a motivator. He is an importer. He is the owner of the famous Agura Hotels at Abuja Nigeria.

ANYAEHIE: – Anyaehie House was donated by Chief John R. Anyaehie (KSC) of St. Paul’s Church Nkwerre, Nkwerre LGA of Imo State Nigeria. He was a businessman, Sole Importer for R.T. Brisco Company for many years. Due to age he has retired from active business. His siblings are now managing his establishments. On sick bed he prayed to God to spare his life pledging to build a Cathedral for the Diocese of Orlu. God answered his prayers and in about three years he completed the building of The S.S. Peter and John’s Cathedral Nkwerre. He is also a Nationalist; presently he is based in Ghana. He is the only survivor of the old brigade in his community


bccc4ENWEREM HOUSE was built and donated to the Diocese by Chief Evan Enwerem of blessed memory. This very building now houses the Rector of the Centre. Chief Enwerem was a very reputable Barrister at law and he made a career of it. He also made over 80% contributions towards the building of St. Paul’s Church Umuhu Atta which is beside the centre. He was a community motivator and much loved by his people. He was one time Governor of Imo State when circumstances did not allow him to accomplish the fatherly work he began and once Senate President of The Federal Republic of Nigeraia.  He was Soft spoken and a slow actor, but very firm.