Bishop and wifeThe 2nd Session of the 2nd Synod of the Dioces of Ikeduru (Anglican Communion) met under God at St. Andrew’s Church Akabo, Ikeduru with the prelate. The Rt. Rev. Emmanuel.C.Maduwike Jp, presiding. The theme of the Synod was ”CHRISTIANITY AND NEGLIGENCE” (AN OVERVIEW OF BIBLICAL LAZARUS AND THE RICHMAN) (Luke 16:19-31)

The Rt. Rev. Godson. C. Echefu, Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Ideato, presided over the Pre-Synod Communion service and delivered an addresss which highlighted the lesssons of Lazarus and the Richman which emanated from the Synod theme. The Synod Guest preachere was Rev. Jocob Bada of Isako Diocese.

Some of the Synod Statements were ; that ordinarily, the sins of commisions are ususlly amplified and criticized but from the lesson of Lazarus and the Richman, the sins of ommission are, as grievous as the sins of commission. The Synod thereforee observes that negligence is a plaque to our Christian faith and men who do not use their property alright could not be received in heaven as it is the duty of men to show kindness to the poor under the neighbour and the duty of care principles.

The Synod stated that the duty of care should extend to souls that are languishing daily, such as drug addicts, drunkards, prostitutes, victims of oppression, terrorism and flood disasters and including Anglican Youth Corpers who are ususlly stranded at orientation camps on their passing out day. We owe them the duty to use our buses to pick them up and give them a sense of belonging like other churches do before the corpers sort themselves out.

The Synod called on all churches to pray for the people of Syria and Egypt as they go through trials and tribulations of war and crisis. The next Synod will be held at St. Andrew’s Church Inyishi Central Archdeaconry.

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